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7 Home Remedies to Remove Earwax

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Earwax is natural way of protecting the body. It prevents the dirt and bacteria to come in the ear canal. But it is not good too much wax in the ear. You might hear less sound and get pain in the ears. Our ears are blocked when mad harshly becomes hard and it could not come out. 

7 Home Remedies to Remove Earwax

Remove Earwax
Many people use stick or cotton wool to clean the ear which might become fatal sometime. However, you should clean your ear after taking bath. It is quite easy because the wax is soft. People who use more earphones they have a greater problem.

Signs of dirt in the ear:-

  • Ear pain
  • Embark ear
  • The sound comers from the ears
  • Listening problem in ears
Saline Solution: Mix 1 teaspoon salt in ½ cup hot water. Soak a piece of cotton and then squeeze into ears. The water should run well in the ear. Then drain the water from the ear.

Hydrogen Peroxide: Prepare mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water. Keep in mind that the amount of hydrogen peroxide should not be more than 3% as it can be fatal. Now put few drops in the ears. Flip the ear and drain the solution from it.

Baby Oil: You can put a few drops of baby oil or mineral oil to remove dirt from the ear. Then take cotton in the ears so that the oil doesn’t come out. Oil will soften earwax so it will come out easily.

Vinegar and Alcohol: Mix a quantity of vinegar and alcohol. Then put a few drops in the ears.

Olive Oil: Put two to three drops in the ears. The earwax will be soft. You should do this at night before bed. Ear will be clear by doing this for 3-4 days.

Hot Water: Put little hot water in the ear and leave it for few seconds. Then remove it after few seconds.

Onion: Steam the onion and extract its juice. Put a few drops in the ear with the dropper.

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