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10 Healthy Green Vegetable Juice

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Those who don’t like green vegetables they can drink its juice. Nowadays, vegetable juice is popular among the people. A glass of vegetable juice contains protein and energy. So our body gets all the nourishment. You should drink vegetable juice three times a week to stay healthy. Every vegetable has its own flavor and properties. 

10 Healthy Green Vegetable Juice

Green Vegetable Juice
Fruit and vegetable juice are different. While the fruit juice is extracted through the juice, vegetable juice extracted from the mixer. You can drink many type of vegetables juice. Vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, coriander, cucumber and bitter gourd etc.

Bitter Gourd Juice: Bitter gourd juice fixes diabetes and removes accumulated fat from the body. You can mix lemon juice if you feel bitter to drink this juice.

Spinach Juice: This juice is very useful for those who are dieting. It is full of vitamins and protein so you can get good hair, skin and eyes by drinking it.

Kiwi Juice: It has abundance amount of vitamin C.

Broccoli Juice: This green vegetable has iron, protein, calcium, carbohydrates, chromium and Vitamin C. The juice gives shiny skin and helps to fight against cancer.

Gourd Juice: This juice plays an important role in obesity, high blood pressure, acidity, biliary diseases, heart diseases and cholesterol. You should drink it in limited amount and don’t drink if it is bitter.

Coriander Juice: It increases metabolism of the body and eliminates dirt from the body. It also meets blood loss.

Mango Juice: Mango juice completely saturates the sour the body in summer. It helps the body to fight with the heat.

Cucumber Juice: If you want to lose weight and shiny skin then you should drink cucumber juice daily. It is easily digestible and also makes clear the body from inside.

Cabbage Juice: This fruit contains vitamin A, C, E, K, calcium, iron and omega 3 fatty acids. The juice is very good for body and skin.

Avocado Juice: It contains ingredients that improve health and skin. You can drink this juice every day. Your skin will glow.

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