Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Unique Health Benefits of using Honey and Cinnamon

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A teaspoon of cinnamon and honey will give you too much benefit which you can’t even imagine. This mixture is simple and very effective. Many diseases can be cured and physical ailments can get rid of. This medicine is being used by the long time from Chinese and Ayurveda.

Unique Health Benefits of using Honey and Cinnamon

honey and Cinnamon
Benefits of Honey & Cinnamon: Cinnamon is considered a healthy spice from the past. If the honey is mixed with cinnamon then effects increases in double amount. Since ancient times in Egypt, this mixture was used as medicine. 

This unique combination of cinnamon and honey also prevents the risk of heart attack. If you consume cinnamon powder and honey on toast or wheat bread at breakfast then your cholesterol level and chances of stroke will be reduced.

Pain: In addition, the mixture is very useful in arthritis. A cup of hot water, cinnamon and honey can easily relives chronic joint pain.

Honey-Cinnamon: Honey and cinnamon in hot water cures stomach acidity and digestion becomes healthy. Especially when the mixture is taken 20 minutes before the lunch or dinner. Even heavy meals are easily digestible.

Weight Loss: Cinnamon and honey mixture can be used to reduce obesity. You can drink cinnamon tea.

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