Sunday, January 3, 2016

7 Health Benefits of Guava

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Everyone will be familiar with guava. It is known as Jamphal in many places in India. It is highly effective in stomach problems. In winter, guava is the king of fruit. It is not only cheap in price but also healthy. Guava means sweet. It is full of vitamin, mineral and fiber.

7 Health Benefits of Guava

Health Benefits of Guava
Mouth Ulcers: If your mouth has very sore or often you get mouth ulcer then you should eat soft fresh leaves. It provides relief to you.

Fit & Fine Body: Nutrients in guava helps to keep the body fit and fie. However, you should eat at the right time. Eating guava at night may cause cough and cold.

Constipation: Guava keeps the metabolism in balance. Therefore, you get rid from constipation.

Healthy Eyes: Guava has considerable amount of vitamin A which keeps eyes healthy. In addition, guava contains vitamin c which removes diseases from the body.

Glow Skin: Skin glows due to regular intake of guava. It happens because it contains potassium. It is also helpful to get rid from acne.

Obesity: Cholesterol is the main cause of obesity. Guava elements reduce cholesterol in the body. So, you should include guava in your diet.

Reduce Drunk: If someone gets fierce then he can drink guava leaf juice. It easily reduces intoxication. You can also eat guava leaves instead of juice. However, it should be chew properly.

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