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List of Foods with Medicinal Properties

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Foods not only feed us but also it gives energy for the work. It also has some medicinal use. For example, bitter gourd is very beneficial in diabetes. We consume many foods daily but we would not know much about their proprieties.

List of Foods with Medicinal Properties

Foods with Medicinal Properties
In the past, the vegetables and fruits used to develop new drugs. Food would be the best natural medicines to heal the diseases.

Ginger: You can keep fresh ginger in mouth or drink ginger tea when you get cold and cough.

Honey: It has antiseptic elements. It easily cures the cut or peel when you use it.

Pepper: It has an element that stops leakage of chemicals which cause pain. It gives benefit in joint pain.

Bitter Gourd: Insulin levels reduce by having bitter gourd daily.

Olive Oil: It removes lice, which cause infection in the hair, from the head.

Black Tea: Foot odor is the hormonal problem. Put your feet in hot water mixing black tea. It would remove bad smell from your foot.

Lemon: You can use lemon when you feel vomiting while traveling in the car or bus.

Milk: If you have sunburn on skin then you should apply cold milk on it.

Watermelon: Watermelon contains 60% water. You won’t get shortage of water in the body if you eat it regularly.

Okra: Cut the tip and tail of okra and keep it in water for overnight. Drink this water in every morning. It is very helpful to control diabetes.

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