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List of Foods Cure Migraine Headache

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Migraine is very serious headache. Many people struggled with migraine twice in a week. The patients are those whose homes are long-standing disease. Migraine pain is very sharp because it seems on one side. 

List of Foods Cure Migraine Headache

Migraine Headache
This disease invites many other diseases such as pain, dizziness, vomiting and fatigue. There are several ways to fix the pain of migraine. You can take help of medicines or food. If you don’t want to eat medicine all the time then you can use such food. It is necessary to take rest in migraine. A good sleep can relive migraine pain.

Green Leafy Vegetables:
These vegetables contain more magnesium. The chemical immediately disappear migraine pain. Whole grains, marine biology and wheat have much magnesium.

Fish: Fish contains omega 3 fatty acid and vitamin. These elements tend to reduce migraine pain that caused sensation.

Milk: Fat free milk or milk products can cure migraine. It has vitamin B which is known as riboflavin and it provides the power to the cell. If the cell not gets energy then migraine pain will begin.

Linseed Seeds: It also contains plenty of omega 3 and fiber. The seeds reduce inflammation.

Coffee: It is perfect that coffee is very beneficial in headache. So, you should drink coffee when you get migraine attack.

Red Wine: Wine and beer contains tyramine which relieve the pain of migraine.

Broccoli: Broccoli contains magnesium which is very helpful in migraine pain. You can either eat steam or boil broccoli.

Millet: Millet has fiber, antioxidant and minerals. Therefore, you should eat whole grains when you get migraine attack.

Ginger: According to ayurveda, ginger can cure your headache. You can add ginger in your meal and eat it.

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