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Top 10 Edible Flowers which are Good for Health

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The flowers are very beautiful but it’s just not meant they are only for the eyes and nose. Flowers are healthy for our body. They are eaten all over the world. It is used for salads and cooking. Rose, saffron and lotus has been used in Indian food for long time.

Top 10 Edible Flowers which are Good for Health

Edible Flowers
Hibiscus: The flower effect is seen on hair but you can also use it for herbal tea. It contains high amount of vitamin C and minerals.

Squash Blossom: It is especially used in Italian and Mexican cuisines. Pasta and soup can be made from it. This flower contains vitamin C and potassium.

Jasmine: It is used to enhance the taste of tea and dessert.

Cornflower: It is used to decorate salads.

Rosemary: It is used in garnishing because it has herbal taste. It has vitamin B, A, C and iron.

Sunflower: The oil is used in every home. But its leaves, stems and buds are used to make different dishes. The flowers contain vitamins and minerals.

Purple: It is use to decorate salads. Its taste is sweet therefore; it is use in dessert, tea and fruit salad. It has vitamin A and C.

Saffron: It is world’s most expensive spice which is use to give color in food. It is also used in chicken curry, soup and sweets. It also cures stomach disorder.

Lotus: Lotus stems are eaten in most Asian country. The flower is use for making tea. It has vitamin A, B and C.

Carnation: It generates sweetness therefore; it is used to prepare candy, cake and wine.

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