Monday, January 25, 2016

Ayurveda Upay for Winter Allergy

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Everyone started to become ill when winter came. Some people have a cold while some people get throat infection. In cold weather, the sun does not come out and so body’s immunity falls and diseases occur. 

Ayurveda Upay for Winter Allergy

Winter Allergy
Ayurveda understands that immunity means power that is directly connected with digestion. A strong digestive system depends on good appetite and nutritious diet. Therefore, you would not have any kind of infection if your digestive system works better.

Reduce Intake of Food: According to Ayurveda, if you’re suffering from flu then you should reduce intake of food so that digestion become strong. Doing so, bile will increase in the body and you get heat. Therefore, it fights with infection.

Appetite: You should eat or drink when you get too much hunger. Avoid eating forcefully.

Avoid Heavy Meals: You should avoid meat, sweet, ice cream, cold drinks and soda.

Eat Plenty of Spices: Take 1 gram of ginger powder, turmeric, black pepper, cinnamon, cardamom, curry leaves and add them in your diet. These spices contains anti-viral and anti-inflammatory. You can prevent yourself from cold and fever.

Cooking Oil: You can use olive oil, canola oil, mustard oil or sesame oil. Do not use coconut oil.

Limited use of Butter: If you’re suffering from cool then you should avoid butter. Even if you want to eat then you should intake in little amount. You can mix 2 pinch of turmeric before having butter.

Drink Hot Water: According to Ayurveda, one should drink lukewarm water to get rid from cough. When cough is affected then you get cold-fever.

Drink Herbal Tea
: You can drink herbal tea made from basil or ginger instead of black tea.

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