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12 Must have foods for Diabetic

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Diabetes is a disease that affects the body’s organ. It impacts on all parts of the body and badly damage them. It affects your kidney, eyes, legs, heart etc. if you are suffering from high blood pressure. You should follow regular diet to control blood sugar level. 

12 Must have foods for Diabetic 

Must have foods for Diabetic
There are several super foods, which controls diabetes. It is not beneficial to eat sugar, sweet fruits and vegetables. Special diet along with medicines gives great significance in diabetes. In addition, you should quit smoking and do exercise and go to a walk. It is not necessary to eat tasteless food for diabetic patient.

Nuts: Nuts contains vitamins, minerals and good fat which provides instant energy. Fats in nuts are effective in reducing insulin levels in the body.

Olive Oil: Diabetic patients are asked to lose weight and olive oil has all properties to reduce weight. You should include olive oil in your diet.

Beans: Beans contains protein, potassium and magnesium. These minerals are important for diabetic patient.

Yogurt: If you have trouble drinking milk then you should eat yogurt. It provides calcium and reduces weight.

Fish: Fish has omega-3. Diabetes impact on eyes. Therefore, fish is very beneficial for the eyes.

Orange: Diabetic patient can eat citrus fruit such as oranges, lemons and musambi.

Green Leafy Vegetables: These vegetables are high in vitamin C, fiber and calcium. This nutrient is very important for diabetic patient.

Tomato: Tomato contains vitamin C, little fat and lot of iron. You can eat as a meal such as soup or vegetable.

Pumpkin: Many people believe that pumpkin is sweet and it should not eat. But it has very low glycemic index, which helps to control blood sugar levels.

Plum: You can put in the desert. It is very beneficial.

Whole Grains: It has very little starch and lot of fiber. You can eat brown rice instead of white rice and wheat flour instead of fine flour.

Bitter Gourd: It has lot beta-carotene, calcium and iron. This vegetable is medicine that should be eaten by every diabetic person.

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