Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Reason and Remedies for Back Pain

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Often, people get pain, which is either 30 minutes or the entire day, when they wake up. Back pain is a pain that most affects our everyday life. You neither be able walk properly nor get down. 

Reason and Remedies for Back Pain

Back Pain
If you have backache after wake up then you should find hidden reason. The incorrect type of mattresses or arthritis can be caused of backache.

Change your Mattress: Test your mattress and check whether it is giving you full support or not. Always choose the hard mattress for back pain. It gives full support to the back.

Sleeping Position: If you press your mouth down means you sleep pressing your stomach then you may get back pain. Use cushions for comfortable position.

Obesity: Your extra weight puts pressure on the spinal cord, so always keep your weight in control.

Smoking: Smoking is the most important reason of back pain in the morning. It happens due to tissue damage. People who are smoking there lifestyle is unhealthy.

Drug Abuse: Intake of drugs for long time may be causing back pain in the morning.

Arthritis: Back pain or joint pain while waling is the beginning of arthritis. Pain and stiffness in the body lasts for 30 minutes after waking up then you should consult your doctor.

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  1. Please explain on sleeping position. How do I use pillows?