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List of Healthy Breakfast - Ayurved Upay

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We all know that breakfast is important and we should never give up. But you should avoid eating anything. You have to eat certain foods such as egg and fruit etc.

List of Healthy Breakfast - Ayurved Upay

Healthy Breakfast
Water: You should drink a glass of water from the beginning in the morning. It disappear the acid in the stomach.

Avoid Oil: There is difference between oily food and fried food. You can eat puri in the morning but you can’t eat noodles in the morning. You should avoid eating such food which is too much oily.

Fruits: Seasonal fruits are considered very good. Banana is very good option because it has fiber, carbohydrate and energy. In addition, you should eat citrus fruit such as orange, mosambi etc which has antioxidant because it cleans the stomach. It gives you energy for the whole day.

Food: The primary goal of breakfast is filling your stomach. The food, which you eat in breakfast, fills your stomach for 3-4 hours. You should include oats, banana, oatmeal, upma, pan cake etc. in your diet.

Egg: It is nutritious and it contains protein, fiber and nutrition which are most suitable for the breakfast.

Milk & Milky Products: You can eat milk products if you don’t like to drink milk in the morning. They are high in calcium. It keeps you full of energy all day.

Healthy Drink: Do not forget to drink fruit juice in the morning. You can drink orange, mosambi and other fruit juice in your breakfast.

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