Thursday, December 31, 2015

Home Remedies to Stop Hiccups

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We often say that when someone remembers us then we get hiccups. But in fact when diaphragm becomes small in the body then we get hiccups. Diaphragm is a muscle separates the chest from the stomach. 

Home Remedies to Stop Hiccups

Home Remedies Hiccups
It plays an important role in breathing process. One may get hiccup at any time. It is little bit embarrassed sometime.

Press your Palms: You should use your thumb to press other hands palm. You should press it harder. It is very beneficial in hiccups.

Hold your Breath: Take deep breath and hold it for a few seconds. Experts say that when the carbon dioxide would accumulate in the lungs and diaphragm will remove it then hiccups will be stopped.

Close your Ears: Close your ears for 20-25 seconds. You can also press the earlobe for few seconds. It sends signals to vagus nerve, which is attached to diaphragm, to relax.

Close your Mouth: Lightly press your nose and mouth with your hands. Take breath in normal way. It stops the hiccups because carbon dioxide in the lungs will be filled in more amounts.

Drink non-stop Water
: You should drink three sips of water frequently. It easily stops hiccups.

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