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Health Benefits of Papaya leaves

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Did you know that papaya leave are full of medicinal properties? You can get rid from many diseases from the papaya leaf juice. Papaya leaves seem bitter to eat but they have amazing properties. Papaya leaves contains vitamin A, B, C, D, E and calcium. 

Health Benefits of Papaya leaves

Health Benefits of Papaya leaves

You can cure cancer, heart problems, dengue, blood sugar and intestinal problem from papaya leaves. It increases the immunity of the body. Fresh and small leaves of papaya removes dengue’s poison form the body. It is helpful to increase platelets in the body.

Prevent Cancer: It contains anticancer properties that help increase immunity and prevent cervical cancer, breast cancer, pancreatic, liver and lung cancer.

Bacteria Growth: Papaya leaves contain 50 active ingredients that prohibit the growth of microorganisms such as fungi, insects, parasites and various other forms of cancer cells.

Enhanced Immunity: The leaves have the power to fight diseases such as cold and cough. it increases the development of white blood cells and platelets in the blood.

Anti-malaria Properties: It is effective in fighting malaria. The juice of papaya leaves prevents the progression of malaria symptoms.

Panacea in Dengue: Papaya leaves are quite beneficial to fight dengue. It increases the platelet falling, inhibits blood clotting and prevents liver damage which is caused by the dengue virus.

Relieve Menstrual Pain: Take one leaf of papaya, tamarind leaf, salt and 1 glass of water. Mix all this and boil it. When it became cold then drinks it. It gives you relief in menstrual pain.

Increases Blood Platelets: This herb increases blood platelets in the blood. Therefore, you should drink two tablespoons of papaya leaf juice every day for few days.

Acne: Take dried papaya leaves and mixes it with little water and prepare paste. Then rub the paste on the face and let it be dry. Wash your face with water after sometime.

Increase Appetite
: You can increase your appetite by drinking papaya leaf tea.

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