Friday, December 4, 2015

Health Benefits of Lemon Honey Juice

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Everyone knows that to reduce obesity we should drink mixture of honey and lemon. But do you want to know its other benefits. There are several benefits of drinking mixture of honey and lemon.

Health Benefits of Lemon Honey Juice

Lemon Honey Juice
Reduce Obesity: If you mix two drops of honey in lukewarm water and drink it in morning then you will easily reduce your weight. It increases your energy and you will get glow on your face.

Digestion System: Lemon juice is very useful to improve digestion system. You should drink lemon and honey if you are suffering from acidity and gastric problem.

Cleansing the Body: The mixture of honey and lemon removes dirt and toxic substances from the body. You should drink hot water with lemon and honey to cure constipation.

Kidney Stone: Nowadays, many people face kidney stone problem. Kidney stone is nothing but frozen calcium. It is easily cure by drinking hot water with lemon and honey.

Sore Throat: You should drink honey water and lemon to cure sore throat. Honey contains antibacterial elements which clears the bacteria and germs. While hot water clears the phlegm from the throat.

Stomach Cancer: Antioxidants that are found in honey prevent tumor formation. Regular intake of honey prevents you from colon cancer.

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