Thursday, December 10, 2015

Health Benefits of Drinking Cold Milk

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Many people don’t like to drink milk. Cold milk is not only healthy but also it has good taste. Cold and hot milk both has many advantages. Cold milk cures acidity, obesity, appetite and so on. You can intake milk mixed oats after gym. 

Health Benefits of Drinking Cold Milk

Drinking Cold Milk
It gives you energy and protein that repairs the muscles. You can add flavor to enhance the taste. However, if you are suffering from cold and fever then you should avoid drinking cold milk.

Reduce Obesity
: If you drink cold milk then body has to burn calories to bring normal temperatures and then it will digest. It controls your obesity.

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Active: Lukewarm milk gives you sleep because milk contains amino acid tryptophan. It enters in your mind when you drink hot milk and starch food. But cold milk contains protein and therefore it does not happen. You can drink cold milk anytime in a day.

Acidity: Did you ever drink cold milk to cure acidity? You should drink cold milk slowly so it cures peptic ulcer and its pain.

Appetite: If you repeatedly get hungry after dinner then you can drink cold milk. You can eat cold milk mixed oats.

Enhanced the Flavor of Coffee
: If you drink cold coffee in hot days then you will be fresh.

Saturate Body: Cold milk contains electrolytes which prevent the body from dehydration. If you drink two glasses of cold milk in a day then your body will remain hydrate. Morning is the best time to drink milk.

Easy to Digest: It has gas suppressing properties that are beneficial to digest food. It can comfortably digest the fat, oil or ghee. It is more beneficial if you mix ginger or pepper.

Work Out: After a heavy work out in the gym you should drink cold milk. It contains protein which repairs muscles and gives energy to the body.

Beautiful Skin: Skin become clean and tight by applying cold milk on the face. The skin becomes hydrated and smooth.

Btw Which milk is good, Hot Milk or Cold Milk? Find out.

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