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List of Food Combination that Improves Health

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Do you know that certain types of foods should be eaten together with the other types of food then its properties are enhanced? Certain types of food increases the absorption capacity and the benefits increase when you eat them together. 

List of Food Combination that Improves Health

Such food has vitamin C and iron then it reaches in the body. Similarly, soluble fat helps vitamins, fatty acids to absorb in the body. The combination of several kinds of food is beneficial for the body. The food boosts the healing power of the other food.

Pepper and Green tea: Consumption of green tea reduces the weight and gives ability to fight cancer. While capacity are doubled if you drink green tea with pepper. It also increases the antioxidants such as Apigallosatecin-3 Gallete (ECG).

Olive oil with Tomatoes: Tomatoes contains lycopene antioxidants. This nutrient has soluble fat and it helps to absorb fat adequately. If the intake of tomatoes with olive oil is made then omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids are absorbed well in the body.

Broccoli and Tomatoes: Tomatoes contains vitamin C, A, E and B. While broccoli contains vitamins, folate and anti-cancer elements. There is a 50 % increase in the volume of properties with combo of these two foods.

Almonds and Black: Black contains magnesium, copper, fiber, calcium and potassium. It also has vitamin C, E, A and K. You get more benefits if you eat almond and black together.

Apple and Dark Chocolate: Dark chocolate keeps heart healthy. The chance of a heart attack reduces by the intake of dark chocolate. Apple is rich in many properties. It has the catechins antioxidant which keeps heart healthy. It is very beneficial for the heart patient when consumed combo.

Black Beans & Red Bell: Black beans are high in iron which absorbs very little fade in the body. But if it is eaten mixed with red bell, which has vitamin C, the body absorbs greater amounts of iron. Almost 6 times the amount of iron reached in the body.

Solomon Fish with Garlic: Solomon fish contains omega-3 fatty acids which gives considerable benefits along with garlic.

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