Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Best Healthy Vegetables Available in India

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Indian Cuisine is very important. There are such vegetables eaten which is not eaten anywhere in the world. Indians use some vegetables on regular basis. It is not only grown as vegetables in India but also it is beneficial for health. 

Best Healthy Vegetables Available in India

Healthy Vegetables
Many researchers have said that the Indian food has hidden health benefits. If it is adapted in the right perspective then it is also helpful in weight loss. Half of our country people are vegetarian.

Parval: The cultivation of this vegetable rarely occurs out of India therefore it has not fashioned English Name. It has low calorie and it is useful to reduce cholesterol.

Horseradish: This vegetable is considered the best for pregnant women and children because it makes bones stronger. It cures chest tightness and other respiratory ailments.

Fenugreek Greens: The greens clears kidney and it is the panacea for diabetes patients. It controls the insulin levels of the diabetic patient.

Bitter Gourd: It contains antioxidants that clear the dirt from the body. It has bitter taste which is considered good for diabetic patient.

Mustard Green: It has more vitamins compared to other green vegetables. Even spinach has not much vitamins compared to mustard.

Jackfruit: It contains potassium which reduces blood pressure. It also regulates the body’s thyroid hormone level.

Bottle Gourd: Daily drink a glass of bottle gourd juice controls the diabetes.

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