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Ayurvedic Upay for Piles - Naturally Cure

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A pile is very dangerous disease that swells the veins of blood inside the anus. Blood veins increase when you put more emphasis on the rectal route. It is the cause of piles. Almost every person faces this problem in their life. 

Ayurvedic Upay for Piles - Naturally Cure

Ayurvedic Upay for Piles
The disease is found in some individuals from generation to generation. The symptoms are red bleeding during defecation, smooth substance leaking, itching in the anus, blood loss, weakness, laziness, fatigue, loss of appetite and persistent constipation.

- The soluble fiber diet will not only fix the piles but also cures constipation problem. You should eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables every day and get rid of this disease.

- Some kind of beans such as beans, soy beans, black beans, peas and lentils etc. are high in fiber which are also easy to digest and do not cling into the intestine.

- Drink plenty of water to cure piles naturally. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water per day. You can also drink fresh fruit juice and vegetable soup.

- Banana is beneficial to cure piles. You should eat bananas daily after meals or in the morning with an empty stomach.

- Do not eat spicy food and half cooked food because it creates constipation. Also, you should stop drinking alcohol.

- Piles can be cured by drinking mango, musambi, figs and berries juice. Also, more coffer is harmful because it creates a lack of water in the body.

- Citrus fruits such as lemons, oranges, musambi, cheese, yogurt, apples and tomatoes cure piles in natural way. You should include them in your diet.

- Soak figs or date in water before bed time. Eat it in the morning. Both of these contains high amount of fiber which heals every disease of stomach. In addition, you should exercise daily.

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