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10 Common Symptoms of Kidney Stone

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Kidney stone is the common problem. In fact, 7 out of every 10 people, mostly women, have kidney stone. Kidney stones which are chemicals severely frozen inside the kidney. In medical terms, it is known as Nephrolithiasis or Urolithiasis or Struvite. 

10 Common Symptoms of Kidney Stone 

Symptoms of Kidney Stone
Improper diet is the cause of kidney stone. Animal protein and high-salt are major in kidney stone. The leading cause of kidney stone is high intake of medicine that contains high amount of calcium including antacid. It is easy to remove stone if its size is equal to pea but it is difficult when it grow. 

Kidney stones are usually extracted from the urinary tract. In some cases, kidney stone come in urinary tract which is a narrow tube between the kidney and bladder.

Urine: If a woman has difficulty or pain while urinating then she should contact the doctor. If kidney stones are detected then drink more water so it easily removes.

Nausea: If the woman gets sense of heaviness in the stomach, nausea and fever then she should contact the doctor. It is the leading cause of kidney stone.

Cloudy Urine: If a woman has cloudy urine then she might be suffering from UTI infection or kidney stone. In this case, you should do the necessary tests to be recommended by doctors.

Frequent Urination: It is not a good symptom of frequent urination. It would be better to contact the doctor soon. Frequent urination is the most common symptom of kidney stone.

Fever: The body temperature rises (fever) significantly during kidney stone. Most problems occur in the urine. You can keep cold ice packs on the forehead when the fever is high.

Abdominal Pain: A woman gets sharp pain the stomach when she gets kidney stone. In this case, women have to do urine test to find out the kidney stone.

More Inflammation: Inflammation of the stomach or other parts of the body as well as bladder problems is symptoms of kidney stone.

Blood in Urine: Blood in the urine is the symptom of serious problem. A great stench comes with blood in urine.

Back Pain: Women get heavy pain in back in kidney stone because stone comes in urethra while urination.

Irritation: During urination, mild or terrible irritation in urinary tract is not naturally. The irritation persists continuously for 5-6 minutes. Many times, irritation remains even after stone comes out from the body.

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