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Why We Should chewing Food Properly

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We are always told that the food should always be properly chewed. But our heavy and fast moving lifestyle put changes. There are several important reasons to chew the food. Earing properly by chewing the food releases chemicals and our food digested properly. Also you do not often hungry and weight remains in control.

Why We Should Chewing Food Properly

Chewing Food Properly
How to Chew Food: Do not eat meals together but eat them in small pieces. Smaller pieces can be easily chewed and swallowed. Chew the food until it completely dissolves in your mouth even if things may be dry of wet substances. 

Do not swallow any food immediately. You have to chew it properly and then swallow it. Take rest and then take another mouthful. If food is stuck then drink litter water and relax.

Benefits of Chewing

Feeling of Stomach: When you eat slowly then your brain sends a signal to you that your stomach is full. It also helps in reducing obesity because then you cannot eat much.

Helpful in Digestion: When you chew the food it produces saliva which breaks pieces of food and makes him soft. It makes digestion easy.

Oral Health: If you eat properly then it will also benefit the mouth. The smell of the mouth and saliva helps to fight germs in the mouth. It contains hydrogen carbonate which prevents the occurrence of plague. Saliva also clears rigorous food problem in the teeth.

Releasing of Saliva
: Saliva comes more when you chew the food. Food contains vitamins and nutrients which meets the saliva while chewing food. It gives energy to us. If food is not properly chewed then it would create difficulty in digestion. In this case, you get stomach pain and gas problems.

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