Wednesday, November 4, 2015

How Lady Finger Control Diabetes

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Diabetes is disease which finishes with our life. It is very difficult to cure it completely but you can live healthy life by controlling it. You should not only use insulin injection but also use natural products.

How Lady Finger Control Diabetes

Lady Finger Control Diabetes
Recently okra has been rated as the food for diabetes. It has been told at eating raw okra can control diabetes.
How to Use Lady Finger: Take 2 Lady Finger and cut it from both side. White liquid come out from it but do not wash it. Keep this okra into water glass when you go to sleep. 

Remove the Lady Finger from the glass in the morning and drink the water. If you want to control blood sugar level then you should do this remedy for several months. Lady Finger is more beneficial compared to cooked Lady Finger.

Health Benefits for Diabetic Patient:

Low GI Food:
GI means glycemic index. Diabetic patient has been advising that they should eat such food which has low glycemic index. Lady Finger contains only 20 glycemic index which is very low in counts.

Fight with Kidney Diseases: Type 2 diabetes impact on kidney. Lady Finger can cure kidney problems. Therefore, if you’re suffering from diabetes then you must have to eat Lady Finger.

Soluble Fiber
: Soluble fiber is good source for diabetic patient because it plays an important role to digest carbohydrate. Lady Finger contains high soluble fiber which slows the digestion and reduces the effect of carbohydrate in the blood.

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