Monday, November 23, 2015

Health Benefits of Pure Desi Ghee

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Pure ghee is used in most of our homes. Ghee is used to light a lamp in front of god as well as to enhance the flavor in lentils. Despite many remarkable properties many people avoid eating ghee as they think their weight might increase. 

Health Benefits of Pure Desi Ghee

Pure Desi Ghee
But if you’re not obese and you don’t have any heart disease then you can easily intake ghee. However, if you’re overweight then do not use ghee. Every person should eat only 10-15 grams of fat in a day.


The regular use of pure ghee promotes physical and mental strength and body stays healthy. It removes toxic substances from the body. It increases the vision of the eyes and strengthens the muscles.

Individuals who have cholesterol problems they should eat ghee instead of butter because it has very little fat.

It has less quantity of fat so it is easily digested.

You can keep pure ghee without any refrigerator for many years. It won’t spoil or lose its taste.

Many people believe that pure ghee ensure balance in the body and also accelerates brain work.

Pure ghee contains vitamin A, D, E and K.

Ghee is very good for frying food. It won’t lose its properties or taste even if you repeatedly fry. While other frying oil lose its properties.

Body needs fat in your diet. It protects stomach wall from acids, give boost to cell lining and keeps skin and brain healthy. Ghee does it all without any side effects.

Remember that we are talking here only of pure ghee which has not been any adulteration. Ghee neither contains lactose nor salt.

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