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8 Health Benefits of Petha

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Petha with water in summer is eaten. It is not only a delicious dessert but also great for health. Petha made in many other states of India, but the famous Petha you find from Agra. Petha is made from Bathua, Kohda or Kushmand vegetable. You can prepare vegetable, jam, baking, confection, dhrut etc. from Kohda. 

8 Health Benefits of Petha

According to ayurveda, Petha is very good for health. It has medicinal properties. It gives power to body and cures blood disorder. It also cleans the stomach. The seeds of Kumahada used in food products. The fresh seeds are anthelmintic.

Brain Disease: Petha is nectar for weakness of memory or a mental illness. A patient should eat 10-20 gram fruit pulp and drink Petha juice.

Irritation: If you feel burning sensation in the body then you can apply pulp of Petha and leaves on your stomach. You can also prepare thandai from its seeds.

Nose Bleeding: You should drink Petha juice or eat its pulp to get rid from nose bleeding. You can also apply its seed oil on your head.

Asthma: Asthma patient should eat Petha regularly because it is very beneficial for lungs.

Urination Disorder: Pulp of Petha and its seeds are very beneficial in urinary disorders. If you get intermittent urinary problem or stone then you should use Petha and its seeds. It is very beneficial for you.

Increase Semen: Petha intake is very useful in this disease.

Constipation and Piles: Petha contains filament that removes intestinal problems. Therefore, it is very beneficial for pile patient. It also stops to get blood from piles.

Appetite: Those who get swelling in the intestine and do not get appetite they should drink two cups of Petha juice in the morning. Your appetite will increase and you get rid from intestine inflammation.

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