Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Do you always Feel Fatigued? - Ayurveda Upay

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Many times it happens that we feel tired and we would not have the mood to do anything. We may think that our poor lifestyle is responsible for fatigue. But not only lifestyle but also there is other things which affect. 

Do you always Feel Fatigued? - Ayurveda Upay

You might face many diseases due to excessive fatigue. Many times it happens that you’re mentally disturb when you go for sleep.

Right Sleep: Our body needs 6-8 hours sleep so that we can remove stress of the day. But if its does not then we would feel tired in the morning.

Disease: If you always feel tired then you have a disease such as anemia or thyroid etc.

Lifestyle: Our modern lifestyle forced us to work for 9-12 hours which includes traveling as well. Therefore, we get more fatigue.

Mental Disturbance: If people get depression due to office or family then he gets fatigue.

Food: You should eat your food according to daily needs. Many people do not eat proper food due to diet or weight loss so they become victim of malnourished. It increases their fatigue and stress.

Metabolic Disorder: Stomach problem and kidney disease are some issues that are offering fatigue and stress.

Obesity: Fat people experience more fatigue compared to thin people. Therefore, you should lose your weight which removes fatigue and stress.

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