Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Butter Vs Cheese - Which is Good?

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What would you prefer cheese or butter on bread at breakfast time? There are many answers of this because some people like butter and some like cheese. Many people think cheese is healthy compared to butter. Many people know that both contains element which increase fat.

Butter Vs Cheese - Which is Good?

- Frozen cheese is made from milk or yeast. While mattha is used to prepare butter. Fat removes from the mattha and later that butter is made from fat.

- Cheese remains healthy even though its type is changed because it has protein derived from the milk. Therefore, people who do plenty of bodybuilding they use more cheese. But butter contains very less amount of protein.

- Cheese is full of calcium. Butter also contains calcium but it has very less amount compared to cheese.

- Butter is salutary and it gives instant energy after eating. But you won’t get instant energy from cheese.

- Cheese take too long to digest compared to butter. It has different benefit that it keeps stomach full for long time. Butter cannot keep your stomach full for long time. Stomach needs too much energy to digest cheese so that you may get chance to lose weight.

- Cheese is very good for diet people. Because it contains small amount of fat.

- In terms of health of heart, cheese is very beneficial. The cholesterol content is much lower than that of butter.

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