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Ayurvedic Benefit of Guggul and Side effects

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Ayurveda has such herbs which you can use to cure all ills. Out of such herbs Guggul is special type of herb. Guggul is a tree which extracts glue which is also called as Guggul. It cures several diseases. Guggul has black color which has bitter taste. 

Ayurvedic Benefit of Guggul and Side effects

Ayurvedic Benefit of Guggul
You can cure abdominal gas, inflammation, pain, stone, piles, chronic cough, libido, asthma, joint pain, swelling of the lung diseases. Guggul which is sleek, gold in color, similar to ripe berries is very beneficial.

Reduce Obesity: Its use increase metabolism in the body and reduces obesity. Also, it cures gas problem.

Thyroid: It improves the function of thyroid gland. It increases activity of burn fat and creates heat in the body.

Improve Cholesterol
: It reduces cholesterol and triglycerides. It can reduce cholesterol by 30% in three months.

Beneficial for the Heart
: It prevents blood platelets from sticking. It also prevents us from heart disease and stroke.

Beneficial in Joint Pain: When accumulation of toxic increase in joint then you get joint pain. In this situation, Guggul is very beneficial. It removes remnants of joints so the movement of the joins would be fine.

Harmful Impact
: The overdose can be harmful to the liver. In addition, you might face body weakness, impotence, fainting swelling in the mouth and diarrhea.

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