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Ashoka Tree - Health Benefits and Side Effects

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Ashoka tree is found around most homes. The tree not only provides shade but also according to Ayurveda there are many medicinal properties. Ashoka tree serves as an herb and discharged in a moment of all diseases. The bark tree is used in heavy bleeding during menstruation in women.

Ashoka Tree - Health Benefits and Side Effects

Ashoka Tree
Ashoka to antiquity comes to being used as a uterine tonic. It helps to reduce bleeding during menstruation is heavy. Also at that time the stomach pain and discomfort is also removed. According to Ayurveda cysts and fibroids in women is also fine.

Piles: Bark of Ashoka tree is used to cure internal piles. If you drink two to three times juice of Ashok bark then you get relief. Take 90 grams bark of Ashok, 360 ml water and 30 ml milk. Boil this mixture until it remains 90 grams.

Acne: Take 100 leafs of Ashoka and boil it in 2 glass of water until it remain a cup. Then add ½ cup of mustard oil and apply it on your face when it becomes cold. You should apply it on your face until you do not get rid of acne.

How to Use: Ashoka is available in both forms liquid and powder. You can use it by taking medical advice.

Active Ingredients: Ashoka bark mainly includes tannins, glycosides, flavonoid, sterols and important minerals such as sodium, calcium, magnesium and potassium.

Side Effects: Well, Ashoka is considered safe for everyone. But if you have heart disease and those women who have amenorrhea they should use these herbs with great caution.

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