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10 Foods for Healthy Liver

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Lever is a store house where iron, vitamins and minerals are deposited. It is very important in the body’s metabolism. It makes bile juice which helps digest food. But because of our busy routines we do not pay attention to this.

10 Foods for Healthy Liver

Healthy Liver
Garlic: Garlic has significant nourishes which helps to clean liver. It makes enzyme in the liver so it can pick up nutrients and remove dirty materials from the body.

Musambi: It contains vitamin C which prevents damage to the liver. It also prevents the accumulation of carcinogenic in the liver.

Root Vegetables: It contains flavonoids such as beets, carrots, potatoes etc. It repairs the liver cells so that liver can functioning properly.

Green Leafy Vegetables: It is very helpful to remove toxins from the liver. It contains chlorophyll that reduces the effects of hazardous chemicals from the liver. Vegetables such as spinach, cabbage, bitter gourd etc. are highly advantageous for the synthesis of bile.

Green Tea: It has antioxidant which removes the free radical in the liver and quickly clears up the mess.

Avocado: It contains glutathione compound and mono saturated fat which helps to clean the lever and build new cells and tissues. The bile will improve and the liver remains healthy by regular intake of avocado.

Apple: An apple a day keeps the liver healthy.

Olive Oil: When olive oil is used in proper amount then it provides the basis for the perfect lipids. This reduces the dirt so that liver works smoothly and for long time.

Whole Grains: It contains good amount of vitamin B complex which balance the fat. Brown rice, multi-grain flour and soya flour are very good for the liver.

Broccoli: It contains glucosinolates which creates enzyme in the liver. This enzyme removes all toxins from the body.

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