Tuesday, October 13, 2015

5 Reasons Too Much Calcium is Harmful

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It is very important to take calcium for strong bones and good health. People often take calcium medicine separately. But whether it is calcium, nutrient, mineral, vitamin or protein, its overdose can damage you. Male needs 1000-1200 mg calcium every day while women need 1200-1500 mg calcium. Children need 1300 mg calcium every day.

5 Reasons Too Much Calcium is Harmful

Calcium is Harmful
- Intake of excessive calcium may cause dizziness and vomiting. So whenever you come around this problem you have to understand that it might happen due to excessive intake of calcium.

- The effect of additional calcium intake is also likely to be a prostate cancer. Those who have this disease they should reduce the amount of calcium in their diet. Along with the problem you should stop taking additional calcium.

- It is believed that diseases like osteoporosis can be cured by taking calcium. But much calcium is not good for your bones, it could be counterproductive. More calcium ruins the bones and you might look aged person.

- You might face stomach problem such as constipation, loss of appetite and lower abdominal pain due to intake of more calcium. You might face frequent urination problem. There would be run out of salt in the body and your body become dehydrates.

- Calcium passes out from the urine through kidney due to taking more calcium. It stuck in the kidney and later on it converts into kidney stone. This is the worst result of eating more calcium.

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