Monday, October 12, 2015

4 Side Effects of Steroid

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Today, in the era of intensive competition it is very important to keep yourself effective and attractive. Body want six packs while girls want look. In this situation, they take steroid which is very harmful for their health. 

4 Side Effects of Steroid 

Side Effects Steroid

Impotence: Those who are continually taking steroids they might become impotent in future. Steroids decrease shrinking of the testes and sperm count reduces. Infertility in men may come due to its more use.

Heart Related Problem
: Cholesterol level increase due to high intake of steroid. It also increases high BP. Anabolic steroid impact badly on body. It reduces good cholesterol and increase bad cholesterol. The bottom part of the heart has swollen which could be a heart attack or death.

Baldness: Those who take steroids often they have been heard stating baldness and hair loss problem. It happens due to growth in sebaceous gland and reduction of leakage in testosterone. The disturbances caused hair loss, skin allergies and pimple problem.

Pre-mature Growth: Our young generation is so much eager to get attractive figure that now they may go to any extent. Therefore, they take steroid to get celerity look which is very harmful for their health. You can see vertical growth, sexual maturation and behavior changes etc. when they take steroid.

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