Tuesday, October 20, 2015

6 Salt Alternative Control Your Blood Pressure

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If you have high BP or hypertension and you’re still love to eat salt then it tends to be very serious. If you liked so much salt in the diet then you can use other stuff which is not harmful for health.

6 Salt Alternative Control Your Blood Pressure

Control Your Blood Pressure
1. Black Pepper Powder: It is not good for health to eat black pepper powder which is available in market. You should prepare it at your home and use it in your diet.

2. Lemon: Lemon give you instant taste of salt and it will fulfill crave of salt. Lemon increases the taste of your salad and food.

3. Soya Sauce: Those who have high blood pressure they can get low-sodium soya sauce from the market. It is very beneficial to eat soya sauce rather than salt.

4. Chaat Masala: It is the mixture of Indian spices which is very bright in the food. It is used in salad and chaat. It doesn’t contain salt.

5. Vinegar: You can use vinegar instead of salt in your soup and salad. It seems sour taste but it is very good for health. You should keep in mind that vinegar doesn’t contain salt.

6. Garlic Powder: You can buy it from the market or prepare it at home. First fry the garlic and then grind in a mixer. After keep it in sun light for two days and let it be dry. Then you can easily use it in your diet rather than using salt.

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