Sunday, October 4, 2015

Make Healthy Foods With Spoiled Milk

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It is common problem of tear milk in the home. Raw milk, boiled milk or tattered milk contains good amount of nutrients. Probiotic bacteria occur when milk is raw. 

Make Healthy Foods With Spoiled Milk

Spoiled Milk
It increases the sourness and decreases sweetness. Experts believe that raw milk not only beneficial to drink but also good for health. But if it becomes sour then you can prepare many health and tasty food. You have to just add healthy ingredients in it.

Mix in Eggs: Mix the eggs in milk clots and eat it. You get more taste than boiled eggs and you get more protein and calcium.

Smoothie: You can mix sour milk instead of ice cream in smoothie. It will make your smoothie more soft and tasty.

Make the Yogurt: It is very beneficial to prepare yogurt at home rather than buying from market. Add jaun in this sour milk and it will make yogurt.

Mix in Soup: If you make homemade soup than you can mix milk in it. It will increase softness and flavor of the soup.

Prepare Buttermilk: When you prepare yogurt then beaten it well and prepare buttermilk. Put cumin in it. It increases the taste and it is very beneficial for health.

Use in baking: If you preparing cake then you can use this milk. It is very tasty and increases the softness of the cake.

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