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9 Health Benefits of Raisins

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When the grapes become dry then it becomes raisins. Raisins contain almost all properties of grapes. There are two types of raisins one is red and other is black. It increase blood and cures bile. It also cures phlegm and it is very beneficial for heart and prevents us from heart attack.

9 Health Benefits of Raisins

Health Benefits of Raisins
Constipation: Raisins absorbs water in the stomach. It swells and gives you relief in constipation.

Increase Weight: Raisins increase the weight like every dry fruit. Because it contains fructose and glucose which gives you energy. If you want to increase weight without increasing your cholesterol level then you should eat raisins.

Acidosis: When acid increase in blood then it create problem. It creates skin disease, gout, kidney stone, hair fall, heart attack, tumor and cancer. Raisins contain good amount of potassium and magnesium which helps to get rid from acidosis.

Anemia: Raisins has high amount of iron which is directly help us to fight against anemia. Vitamin B complex is required to make the blood which raisins fulfill. Copper also works to create red blood cell in the blood.

Fever: Raisin contains phenolic phytonutrients which is known for its germicidal, anti biotic and anti oxidant. It fights against anti bacterial infection and viral.

Alcohol: When you want to drink alcohol then you can eat 10-12 gram raisins or drink raisin juice. Muscles become dull due to alcohol but raisins gives nutrients to it. It gives you zeal, power and happiness.

Sexual Debility: Raisins increase the libido. It contains amino acids the removes sexual weakness.

Strong Bones: Raisins contain boron micro nutrient which absorbs the calcium for bones. Boron gives relief from osteoporosis. You can also get rid from knees pain.

Eyes: Raisin contains anti oxidant which helps to fight against free radicals of eyes. Raisins prevent us from cataract, eye weakness due to ageing and muscles damage. It has vitamin A, beta-carotene and A-carotenoid which is good for eyes.

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