Thursday, October 1, 2015

9 Foods Better to Avoid After 35 Years

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Our likes and dislikes vary with the time and aging just as the body needs are also changing. Body requires different foods so it runs smoothly. Therefore, we should pay special attention to our food habits with age. After the age of 30, there seem to many problems in the body and you get fatigue. There would be lack of calcium in the bones and high blood pressure.

9 Foods Better to Avoid After 35 Years

Foods Better to Avoid After 35 Years
Margarine: It tends to have higher amount of cholesterol and trans fat which increase extra fat in the body. So it is better you avoid it.

Labeled Diet Food: You get good taste from this food but you should avoid them otherwise you may feel weak. This food does not contain any strength.

More Salt: You might face high blood pressure problem with increasing age. So you should intake less salt. It will preserve your heart and kidneys.

More Sugar: Sugar is not always beneficial. So you should reduce the intake of sugar after the age of 35. This greatly reduces the risk of diabetes.

Much Fried-Roasted: Too much oily food increase fat in the body so you have to do workout. You cannot do that and your body becomes useless.

Do not drink too much wine
: The intake of wine can be harmful for your health. It can affect the heart and liver and your health may decline.

Caffeine: You get more stress after the age of 35. In this case, you should avoid tea or coffee because it can prove fatal.

White Bread: White bread made of flour. Its consumption increases the problem of constipation or indigestion. In this case, you should avoid intake of white bread.

White Rice
: You have to avoid white rice. It has high amount of madh. You can eat brown rice which contains large amounts of fiber and vitamins.

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