Friday, September 4, 2015

Why your Sweat Smells? - List of Reasons

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Do you know that some people get smell of sweat from the body? There are several reasons behind the bad smell of sweat. Experts say that the body has bacteria and when it comes into contact with sweat the smell arises. The biggest cause of the smell of sweat is dehydration.

Why your Sweat Smells? - List of Reasons

Sweat Smells
Stress: When we are in stress we get more sweat. The body releases a hormone which produces smell with combination of clothes.

Clothes: Fabric clothes never absorb sweat compared to cotton clothes. If you get too much sweat then it is better not wear polyester clothes because it creates too much smell.

Perfume: Some perfumes don’t contain anti-bacterial properties. In these cases, bacterial growth begins and the stench comes to begin from the body.

Medicines: If you take daily medications then because of the chemicals your body creates smell.

Nutritional Deficiencies: Sometimes due to lack of nutrition creates smell in the body. If your body doesn’t have magnesium then body odor may come.

Low Carb Diet: Sweat comes from the body if there is no carb diet. You must include carb food in your diet.

Sweets: when you eat too much sweet then it impacts on your sweat. It increases the yeast which turns into alcohol smell and sweat gets bad.

Heat Wave: Research has shown that when you hold urine or feces for long time in the body then your sweat smelled.

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