Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Monsoon Special Food Items for Good Health

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In India, monsoon is very important. The first spray of rain soaked the crops, animals and humans. Also, this season would increase the importance of diet. If you do not have work on monsoon then you can eat hot food rather than cool food.

Monsoon Special Food Items for Good Health

Monsoon Special Food
Soup: When it’s raining out then it is better to drink soup rather eating outside food. It is delicious and nutritious. You can use vegetable and lentil soup during monsoon. Drink plenty of water because the chances of dehydration are very high.

Strong Tea: It is beneficial to drink ginger and basil tea in the rainy evening. The whole body gets hot by tea. You can also eat pakuade with tea.

Corn: According to Ayurveda, corn fulfills your thirst, cures gout, cough and bile. It is sweet and interested food. If you’re suffering from cold then you can put salt and pepper on it. It also provides relief to sore throat.

Pakuda: There is no other food like pakuda in monsoon. You can prepare it from onion, paneer, green pepper, potato and other food. You should prepare it in little oil so that it can easily digest.

Other Food: It is fruitful to have fenugreek, horseradish, pointed gourd, gourd, drumstick, bathua, spinach and yam in monsoon. It is also beneficial to have apple, green gram, lukewarm milk, garlic, ginger, Saunth, carom seed, rice of sathi, old whole, wheat, rice, barley, sour and salty foods, oatmeal, honey, onions, cow ghee, sesame and mustard oil, pomegranate and grapes.

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