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Home Remedies for Burn - Ayurveda Upay

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Do not afraid whenever any part of the body or hand burned. For this, use the home stuff to find immediate relief. The later you go to the doctor to get treatment.

Home Remedies for Burn - Ayurveda Upay

Home Remedies for Burn
Ice: Ice is the cheapest and best medicine when you get burn at home. Rub the ice for 10-15 minutes on your hand or burning part. It reduces irritation and inflammation. There won’t be stain.

Tomato: It has such elements which is immediately gives relief in burning part. Cut slice of a tomato and put it on hand until it becomes dry. You’ll be amazed how quickly your hand will be cure.

Egg White: When the skin is burned it seems to be a very fast burning. Put egg white on this inflammation and leave it for some time to dry. You have to put it for many times so that the stain will not occur.

Turmeric Paste
: Turmeric has great power. It absorbs the pain in a moment. Put turmeric on burning part and leave it to dry. When it is dry then wash it off and apply it once again. Doing so repeatedly your pain will go away immediately.

Aloe Vera
: It is a magical plant that plays an important part in many problems. If you’ve aloe vera plant in your home then cut it put it on your burning part. This gives you instant relief because it is too cold.

Toothpaste: It removes pain very well. Put white toothpaste on any burn part and leave it to dry. You can put it 2-3 times if it is needy.

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