Friday, September 25, 2015

List of Healthy Drinks Which are Good For Heart

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Heart is most important part of our body which may increase our age if we keep it healthy. These days heart disease is the biggest cause of death. It is necessary to do regular exercise with good diet. If you want to keep your heart healthy then you should drink such drinks. 

Healthy Drinks Which are Good For Heart

Healthy Drinks
Red wine, tea, coffee and fruit juice prevents you from heart disease. Always try to drink sugar and calorie free drink. It is beneficial to drink homemade drink.

Energy Drinks: Prepare low-calorie energy drink at your home and drink it. Drink mixture of lemon juice and honey. It gives you instant energy and heart diseases will also cure.

Soda: Diet soda is better than cold drinks. It neither has high calorie nor sugar. So it is the good for the heart.

Alcohol: You can intake lime or soda instead of beer or whiskey with vodka or gin.

Coffee: Coffee is not good for your health if it contains sugar and cream. But if you drink homemade filter coffee than it will be good for the heart.

Sport Drink: Sport drinks faster the heart beat so they are generally good. But they don’t contain any nutrients so it should be consumed only once a month.

Tea: Tea is not only good for mind but it also prevent from stroke. You must have to drink one cup of tea in a day which keeps you fit.

Fruit Juice: Do not drink fruit juices which are available in market because it contains lot of sugar and calories. Orange juice is the best for anyone because it contains vitamin C.

Milk: Fat free milk and soya milk are known to be good for heart and brain.

Water: Water don’t have calorie. You must drink at least 8 glass of water in a day.

Red Wine: It is best drink for the heart because it is made from grapes which contain fluid. It prevents clotting of blood in the veins.

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