Monday, September 21, 2015

10+ Health Benefits of Peanut

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Peanut is a wealth of health as well as provides protein. It has much protein compared to 1.3 times from meat, 2.5 times from eggs, 8 times from fruits. 100 gram peanut has similar protein which is to 1 liter milk. Peanuts are high in protein. You can get more mineral and vitamins from 250 gram fried peanut compared to 250 gram meat.

10+ Health Benefits of Peanut

Health Benefits of Peanut

1. Peanuts contain nutrients, minerals, anti oxidant and vitamins which are very good for health.

2. It has mono fatty saturated acids which reduces LDL or bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol.

3. Peanut has protein, fat and sugar. Peanut contains an equal amount of protein which you found from one egg and milk.

4. Peanut protein is similar to milk and its fat is similar to ghee. Eating peanuts fulfills the requirement of milk and almond.

5. According to the study, those who have higher level of triglycerides in their blood level they can use peanut. Their blood lipid level is reduced to 10.2% in the level of triglycerides.

6. Your body remains heated if you eat peanut in winter. It is very useful in cough and gives power to the lungs.

7. If you eat 50-100 grams peanut after your meal then you will get good health. It digests the food and increase the blood. You won’t get obesity.

8. You can use peanut in vegetables, pudding, and hotchpotch. Peanut contains oil that destroys the gout problem.

9. Roasted peanuts have beneficial nutrients. Peanut provides protein, calories and vitamin K, E and B.

10. Peanut enhances digestive power but it is harmful to warm nature individuals. Eating more peanuts increase bile so you have to be careful.

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