Monday, August 10, 2015

How Cucumber Helps in Weight Loss

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Cucumber is the best source of water. But many people do not like it. But do you know many people use cucumber to keep them fit.

How Cucumber Helps in Weight Loss

Cucumber helps in weight loss
Benefits: Cucumber contains 95% water and 5% fiber. It fulfills the shortage of water in the body and keeps healthy digestion system. It also balances the salt level in the body. You can get coolness from cucumber for body. It cleans the eyes and skin.

Diet: If you want to add cucumber in your diet then you can use it as salad. Cut 2 cucumbers and add salt, olive oil and some leafy vegetables. It will reduce your stomach and fulfill the appetite.

Some herbs such as coriander have vitamin A and iron, copper and magnesium minerals. So you should include them in your diet. It gives proper nutrition to your body.

Breakfast: You can eat wheat bread, jam and 1 bowl of cucumber salad along with 1 cup of tea.

Lunch: You can intake pulses, bread, vegetables and cucumber salad in your diet.

Dinner: You must have to eat only salad in dinner.

If you prepare cucumber salad and eat 3 days then you will lose 2 kg weight. It also takes special care of our skin.

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