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Home Remedy for Leg Pain

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It is common to have leg pain in the morning. When the body is tired badly then you get pain in legs. There are many reasons of leg pain such as muscle contraction, muscle fatigue, much walk, exercise, stress, lumps due to blood clotting, lack of blood circulation in knees, hips and feet. 

Home Remedy for Leg Pain

Home Remedy for Leg Pain
Lack of water, wrong diet, lack of vitamins, calcium, and potassium creates pain in legs. Takin higher doses of chemical-based drugs, injury, low cholesterol level, weaken body and muscles, arthritis, diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity, hormonal problems, nerve pain, infection and bones and tumor often creates leg pain.

Symptoms: Muscle shrinkage in this pain you feel pain in knees, thighs and leg. Sometimes it is difficult to do exercise because of pain.

Remedies :- 

Drinking plenty of water is essential. It reduces shrinkage of muscles and leg pain. You must have to drink water before going to gym or walk or any other physical exercise. It will keep your body fully hydrate.

You must have to drink fruit juice as much as possible. Take balanced nutrients diet. You can include green vegetables, carrots, bananas, nuts, beans, sprouts, apple, oranges and grapes in your diet.

You can intake more milk products. You can get cheese, milk, soybean, salad in your diet which gives you good amount of vitamins. You must have to intake such food which are high in calcium and potassium.

Regular exercise and yoga keeps you fit mentally and physically. It also keeps you away from legs and respiratory problems.

Leg stretching exercise is also beneficial in leg pain. The blood circulation and muscular contraction remains good.

It is very important that you keep your weight in control. Follow proper diet and fitness.

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