Monday, August 24, 2015

Home Remedies for Tired Eyes

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Nowadays, fatigue of the eyes is common problem in young people as they sit for long hours in the office. There are many people who are sitting at the computer for several hours and then stick to the TV at late night. In this situation, eyes become weak, dark circles, swelling and fatigue.

Home Remedies for Tired Eyes

Tired Eyes
- Every night before bed, dipped cotton in cold milk and keep it on your eyes for 15 minutes.

- You can put olive oil on your eyes and go to sleep. This will not only ease the pain of the eyes but also vision of the eyes will increase.

- Cut the strawberry in half and put it on your closed eyes. It will give you great relief.

- You can also put two drops of rose water in your eyes before bed time.

- Keep potato slices on your eyes. It not only keeps your eyes fresh but also dark circles will be remove.

- You can use tea bags for tired eyes. Keep it in freezer and then put it on your eyes.

- Rub both hands and placed on the eyes. It will reduce fatigue. After that, open the eyes and rotate the eye balls in four directions. Take a deep breath and close the eyes and do relax.

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