Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Health Benefits of Sleeping Left Side

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Sleeping is very important part of daily routine. Whatever the position we use during sleep it affects our body. It is impossible to sleep on one side at night. But do you know that there are so many benefits of sleeping left side. It easily cures many diseases such as heart disease, stomach, fatigue, abdominal bloating and other physical problems. 

Health Benefits of Sleeping Left Side

Sleeping Left Side
If you sleep on right side then toxins cannot flush properly. In this case, you may have stomach, heart and other diseases. People who sleep straight they’re finding difficulty in breathing. It is not good position for asthma and sleep apnea patient.

Deadly Diseases: Toxins removes if you sleep on the left side. Food also digests easily if you sleep facing left side. You won’t have pressure on your digestive system.

Liver and Kidney: Liver and kidneys works highest to remove dirt from our body. So do not put pressure on them at bedtime.

Improve Digestion: Stomach and pancreas work easily to digest food if you sleep on left side. Enzymes begin to get at the right time from pancreas. The food also reaches down and digests easily. Doctor recommends sleeping on left side to those who have indigestion complain.

Stomach Cleans easily in the Morning: Gravity helps to deliver the food from the small intestine to the large intestine if you sleep on the left side. This will clean your stomach comfortably in the morning.

Lower Stress on Heart: The heart get little pressure if you sleep on the left side. Because the blood circulates easily. If the blood and oxygen supply remain good then your body and mind also remains healthy.

Acidity and Chest Irritation: Stomach acid goes down instead of going up. So you won’t have acidity and irritation of the chest.

Digestion of Fat
: We all know that liver extracts bile and gall bladder is responsible for good digestion. Both work properly if you sleep on the left side. It extracts more bile juice which digests food properly. Also, fat does not accumulate in the liver.

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