Thursday, August 13, 2015

7 Health Benefits of Curry Leaf

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Curry leaf or neem leaf is very important content in our food. This is significantly preferred in South India. Often people remove it from vegetables and pulses. You should not have done this. Curry leaf has many hidden medical properties. It easily digests our food and if you mix asafetida and curd in it then food can easily digested.

7 Health Benefits of Curry Leaf

Curry Leaf
1. Curry leaf is very useful in nausea and indigestion problems. Prepare juice of curry leaf and add lemon juice and sugar in it. You can use this mixture to get rid from many problems.

2. If you’re bothered by your growing weight and you don’t find any solution then you can use curry leaf. You must have to chew curry leaf. It will benefit you.

3. Curry leaf is very beneficial in increasing our eyesight/vision. It is also believed that it can remove dreadful disease like cataract.

4. If you’re facing hair fall or white hair problem then you must have to use curry leaf. If you do not like to eat whole leaf then you can use it powder. You can use in your food.

5. You can boil curry leaf in your hair oil. This hair tonic will solve your any type of hair problem.

6. If the diabetes patient eat curry leaves ever morning for three months then he definitely get benefit. Also, if the diabetes is caused by obesity then curry leaf not only reduces obesity but also it reduces diabetes.

7. The root of curry leaf is also beneficial. Those who have pain in kidney he can drink its juice. It is very beneficial in kidney problem.

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