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8 Unknown Health Benefits of Eating Banana

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You can avoid going to the doctor if you eat an apple but you can live while life healthy if you eat banana. According to research, banana can save you from many diseases. dietitian (dietician) refuses to eat banana because it has too much calorie. But you have to refuse other food which increases your weight.

8 Unknown Health Benefits of Eating Banana

Health Benefits of Eating Banana
Energy: Banana is favorite food for athletes because it provides instant energy. Energy increases by eating bananas and you can get sucrose, fructose and glucose. People who remains hungry and thirsty all the day they should eat banana to get instant energy.

Digestion: Banana contains fiber which strengthen digestion. Banana is very effective for gastric patient. People who’re traveling they often complain constipation. To overcome this, you can eat bananas.

Depression: A survey reveled that those who were suffering from depression they felt better after eating a banana. It is because banana contains protein and tryptophan which gives relaxation to the mind.

Anemia: Those who are affected by anemia they should include banana in their diet. It increases hemoglobin in the blood to the body. It cures anemia.

Insomnia and Hangover: According to research, insomnia can be cured by drinking mixture of milk, banana and honey. It also regulates sugar levels in the body which is the sovereign remedy for hangover.

Blood Pressure: Banana contains potassium which reduces the risk of blood pressure and controls the heart attack and hypertension.

Intelligence: Banana increases intelligence and power. Children should eat banana during exam because it keeps their mind full of energy. They become alert and get energy as well.

Stroke: This magical fruit prevents the risk of stroke from 50%. So if you want to stay healthy then you must include banana in your diet.

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