Friday, July 17, 2015

7 Reason how Stress Leads to Weight Gain

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Nowadays, everyone has stress and Stress leads to weight gain. It is difficult to avoid it but it is necessary for good personality. Stress not only affects your mind but also it affects to your physical health. You may surprise that stress can increase your weight.

7 Reason how Stress Leads to Weight Gain

Stress Leads to Weight Gain
Intake of High-Calorie: During stress you do not care and start eating high calorie food. But you do not work out and so weight increases.

Avoiding Food: During stress your mind becomes unstable that you forget to eat your meal. It affects your metabolism of the body. Avoiding food does not decrease the obesity.

Every time Chewing Something: During stress person keeps munching all the time. It gives relief to him. But in this situation he does not know how much calorie he intake. So the weight increases.

Insomnia: You get less sleep during stress. It disturbs the biometric circle as well as the sleep. In this situation, person eats anything and so its digestion process not works smoothly. So it increases weight.

Caffeine, Cigarettes and Alcohol: A person feels these three things as his friend during stress. But cortisol level increases due to its consumption and body fat cannot burn.

Release of Stress Hormones: During stress adrenal gland release hormone which is called as cortisol. This hormone has such element which increases stress. The hormone also increases the level of fat.

Increased Intestine Fat: Intestine fat increase due to stress. You can feel it under the abdomen. In a healthy person has 1-10 % intestine fat. But depressed person has more intestine fat.

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