Thursday, July 23, 2015

Home Remedies for GOUT (Arthritis Pain)

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Drugs used in modern medicine for gout has horrific results. So people are looking for safe medicine now. If you’re also suffering from arthritis and you’re fed up from all types of medicines then you can try some home made remedies.

Home Remedies for GOUT (Arthritis Pain)

Home Remedies for GOUT
1. Apple is like a boon in this disease. You can get relief by eating one apple or drinking a glass of apple juice. Its juice contains antioxidant which reduces inflammation in joint pain and cures arthritis.

2. Lemon is also functions like a detoxification in the disease. You can get relief by drinking lemon juice three times a day. You can also drink Orange juice if you want. It also acts similarly.

3. You can drink fresh fruit juice such as carrot, beetroot, pumpkin and cucumber. It cleanses the blood and gradually reduces the pain.

4. Keep rock salt in warm water and keep your legs in it for 2 times in a day. It reduces the inflammation and joint pain.

5. Do massage of ginger and turmeric paste where you have pain. This removes uric acid where it deposited and reduces the pain.

6. Grind willow herbs and mustard and put it on the pain area. It gives you relief in arthritis.

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