Friday, July 10, 2015

8 Health Benefits of Drinking More Water

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We only drink water then we thirsty. But do you know how much important water is for our skin. Researchers say that if you want shiny skin or want to control obesity then you should drink plenty of water. A person should drink 8-10 glasses of water throughout the day.

8 Health Benefits of Drinking More Water

Drinking More Water

Digestion and Constipation: Drinking 1-2 glass of water after waking up is good for digestion. It heals your constipation problem forever. Drinking water in copper urn is also beneficial for stomach.

Obesity: Water has zero calories. Water reduces appetite so you do not want to eat more. It is better to drink cold water because it absorbs quickly.

Beautiful Skin: You’ll look younger on your own if your skin is hydrated. It replenishes the skin tissue and gives flexibility. It helps the skin moist and skin gets glow.

Concentration in Work: Often people work in the office forgets to drink water. But our brain required 90% water. By drinking water you can expect to be more alert and more focused on work.

Inflammation and Muscle Pain: It gives flexibility in muscles. So you do not get cramps while running.

Good for Heart and Kidney: Water helps to fight against flu and other diseases. It also prevents from kidney stones and heart attack. Drinking lemon water heals breathing, stomach and joint pain. Overall, it makes our immune system healthy.

Relief in Fatigue: It removes bad element and toxins from the body through sweat. Clean blood does not reach to the heart if there is a shortage of water in your body. It is necessary that you drink plenty of water otherwise body cells run out of water.

Do not drink water during meal: According to ayurveda, digestive juices help to digest the food. Water during the meal makes the digestion thinner so digestion cannot be properly. It is better you do not drink water before and after half an hour of meal.

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