Tuesday, July 28, 2015

6 Health Benefits of Calabash or Bottle Gourd (Lauki)

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Bottle gourd can be eaten as a vegetable which is very helpful to overcome many diseases. It arises on the vine and in small time it becomes quite large. In fact it is a drug and it is use on thousands of patients as salad or vegetable juice for long time.

6 Health Benefits of Calabash or Bottle Gourd (Lauki)

Calabash or Bottle Gourd
Gourd can be eaten raw. It is very useful in clearing the stomach and makes body healthy and pure. Long and round gourd increases sperm, makes bile, cough and metal healthy. Let us know its medicinal properties.

1. When you have cholera then take 25 ml bottle gourd juice. Mix it in half a lemon juice and sip slowly. The urine comes highly.

2. Gourd is very useful in cold, tuberculosis, heartburn etc. diseases.

3. In heart disease, especially after eating your meal, mix black pepper and mint in one cup of gourd juice. It easily cures heart disease in few days.

4. Bottle gourd contains best potassium. Because of which it is very useful in kidney diseases and urine comes out properly.

5. Bottle gourd is free from muses. It contains good amount of minerals.
6. Bottle gourd seed oil reduces cholesterol and gives strength to heart. It also makes blood veins healthy. Bottle gourd is very useful in intestinal weakness, constipation, jaundice, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes etc. It is also beneficial in body burning or mental stimulation.

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