Wednesday, July 8, 2015

8 Health Benefits of Ashoka Tree

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Plants and tress not only make the environment clean but also they are very important in our life. We can create many lives saving drug which keep our body healthy. List of Health benefits of Ashok tree, Ashok tree is out of them which is found near our house. It not only enhances the beauty but also it has medicinal properties.

8 Health Benefits of Ashoka Tree:

Health Benefits of Ashoka Tree

⦁ Diabetic patient can intake dried flowers of ashok tree’s powder. It is very beneficial.

⦁ Take one teaspoon of its bark power, one cup water and little sugar. Mix all these in a cup of milk and boil it. It is very fruitful in blood disorders.

⦁  Take bark of ashok tree, lemon juice and milk. Make a mixture of it and apply it on your pimples. It easily cures it.

⦁ You can get many benefits in swelling and irritation. You must have to drink juice of bark of ashok tree and drink it.

⦁ You can drink ashokarisht after having meal in afternoon and evening. It is very fruitful in uterine diseases.

⦁ Take leaves of ashok tree and mix cumin in it. It gives you relief in stomach pain.

⦁ Take one teaspoon of ashok tree seeds powder and intake it with water. It is very powerful remedy for urinary disorder and kidney stone.

⦁ You can intake bark powder of ashok tree and mishri along with cow’s milk in leucorrhea. You can also intake Amla, Giloy powder along with bark powder of ashok tree. You must have to drink it with water and honey in morning-evening.

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